Worldcon Post One: I don’t know what I’m doing and I can’t wait!

I'm not completely sure what to expect from Worldcon but I'm making an effort.

Worldcon Post One: I don’t know what I’m doing and I can’t wait!
MidAmeriConII Worldcon

I’ve been laughing nervously to myself since March when I was told I could have a booth at Worldcon. This is actually going to be the 25th convention I’ve attended and one would think that I have a master plan for World(con) domination! (Mwa ha ha ha). I feel more like the person who shows up at the ice skating rink with roller skates. But it’s all about the adventure, right?

Plenty of Angst

Wiser writers will attend MidAmeriCon2 with a list of goals that include networking, sales targets, maximum visibility, and leveraging synergistic opportunities (see? Business). These sound neat, and even achievable with some past Worldcon experience…which I don’t have. I tried researching to find out what to expect, how many books I should bring since I have a booth, and the best approach at presenting my words. I must have used the wrong google, because there isn’t much out there. So, I’m going to post multiple times about being an indie writer with a booth at Worldcon. This first post is my pre-con apprehension-laden build-up toe-in-unknown-waters post. I’m sharing this as much to get it out of my system, as I am for the other indie writers considering the same path. The next post will be to promote my attendance. After, I’ll share what I learn.

Throne of Angst books

Making An Effort

Right now I’m experiencing pre-game for the sports fans, or pre-show for the band nerds (I’ve done both). I’m spending more money than I should to make a professional presentation, and while I’m not exactly being bridezilla on a reality show, I want people attending to notice me and my work. I’m trying very hard to make sure everything is perfect. But it’s like I’m guiding a missile using the force and I’m unsure where the target is.

Muses Reading Angst

New cover for Angst!

I’ve done a few things to prepare for Worldcon. The photoshoot with my muses wasn’t just about spending a day with beautiful friends. (Okay, it was.) But the end result is I will have a new poster to give away with book purchases. The second edition of my first fantasy novel, “Angst,” is now available! Reviewing and editing “Angst” was a chore and a half, but worth the effort. I’m bringing a few copies to sell. Two of my muses will be attending between Friday and Saturday, and they draw in more of a crowd than my ugly mug.

Angst trade paperback with new cover

A Plan

In the end, after the marching band starts pre-game and the first kickoff flies, I do have a plan. I’m planning to make some new friends, have fun, and put on a show. I expect the con to be working fun, like most of them, and I know I’m going to love it! If I happen to sell some books, it’ll be even better.