Visioncon 2017 Was An Adventure

This Visioncon went by in a flash, and there was a great surprise.

Visioncon 2017 Was An Adventure
Flash family at Visioncon 2017

Visioncon is an adventure that just keeps getting better with age. Everything about it is what makes cons both fun and inspiring. You can tell just how hard the staff works to put this con together because everyone who attends is beside-themselves happy. The con has grown a lot over the five years we’ve been going, and through hard work and magic, the staff keeps it running smoothly while still making it fun!

Thursday and Friday is a quick story of good weather, setting up my booth, and bumping into friends from the con. This was actually great, because I’ve driven through ice storms to get there, and the 60 degree weather in February made me a global warming fan for the day.

Wonder Woman cosplay at Visioncon 2017

Master Chief

After wrapping up the con on Friday, I found a spot at the bar to drink, eat, drink, and wait patiently for my muses. (Patient like a toddler on Christmas morning.) While enjoying one of those drinks, a young woman approached the man sitting next to me and ask for a picture. Like a gentleman, I offered to take it, and the next one, and the next one. After laughing about the situation, and talking for awhile, Steve Downes introduced himself as the voice of Master Chief from Halo. At my reaction, he teased, “Now, you’re not going to fan-boy on me, are you?” Fortunately, I only let a little excitement sneak out, and we spent the better part of an hour chatting about con misadventures and getting to know each other. Oh, and me taking more pictures for fans. He’s a great guy, and it was a pleasure to meet him. I hope our paths cross again.

Halo cosplay at Visioncon 2017

My Muses

My muses showed up shortly after my visit with Steve, and I spent the evening hanging out with my friends. I was fortunate again this year that Cristi, Marina and Mayra were all able to attend. They are great friends, they make the cons a LOT of fun for me, and for some reason I sell more books when they are around. With no regrets, I spent the weekend trying to keep up with them, knowing I would pay for it on Monday. I’m young like that.

My muses!

Brothers on Whatever

Saturday was fun for every reason. My muses graced my booth with their beauty and class. Cristi’s dad surprised us with a visit to his first con – while often a bit of culture shock,  he rolled with it like a pro. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brothers on Whatever and several others. The first interview has already been posted by Noah Roberts, which you can find here.

Muses with Brothers on Whatever

The Flash

I was pretty excited that Visioncon brought in John Wesley Shipp as a guest. It’s worthy of a longer post, but The Flash has always been one of my favorite heroes. Not only was Shipp The Flash on TV when I was in college, he’s back on the new show in various roles (No spoilers, but check it out!) Before the convention, he actively replied to, liked, and shared tweets. Not only did he do this for the convention, but also for vendors and attendees. I don’t see that often, and I was impressed. The crowd loved him. Flash costumes were everywhere, and I didn’t hesitate to bring my own Flash jacket. For the first time at a con, I purchased two pictures, one with just me, and one with Cristi, Marina, and Mayra. When I introduced them, “These are my muses.” He replied, “I can see why.” They swooned a bit.

Muses with The Flash actor John Wesley Shipp


Saturday was also incredibly special for another reason: my readers. I can’t describe how much it means to me when someone buys a copy of Angst because, “My friend says you’re their favorite author.” More than a few took time out of their con to visit and discuss my most recent novel, Burning with Angst, and ask when the next one would be out.

And then this happened. I was floored – absolutely floored – when I was told on two occasions, “You were one of the main reasons I came to the con.” In the rush of the show, there wasn’t enough time to thank them properly. I’m not sure I’d know how. I don’t take these moments for granted, any of them. It makes me feel like it’s all worth the effort and that I should keep writing. So I will.

Con Hangover

Saturday night we hit the Mojo party and listened to some Big Damn Heroes before my old age crept up on me and we called it. Sunday came and went too fast, and before I knew it, I was sleeping to noon on Monday. It always takes me a day to catch my breath, a week to shake off the post-con-funk, and a year to stop missing Visioncon – because that’s when it’s time for the next one!