One Good Sentence A Day

It's okay if you write just one good sentence a day. Progress, any progress, counts.

One Good Sentence A Day
Super David!

Saturday: Today I’m going to write my blog post
Sunday: …and then I’m going to work on this great idea of the next chapter
Monday: …oh, and finally I’m going to squeeze in some marketing time for book 1 and #amediting.
Tuesday: Where did Tuesday come from, I haven’t even finished my Saturday blog post yet.

An Angry Calendar

Shh. Don’t let my calendar know but I’m trying to sneak this post in between meetings, family time, needy friends, exercise, house projects, tweeting and maybe a nap but probably not. This reminds me of a time six months into writing Angst, I was frustrated for not getting enough done.  Not by anyone else’s standards, I simply had a story that needed to come out. I quickly found it wasn’t the instant gratification of winning a video game or an evening out with friends, this novel required a commitment like training for one of my marathons.

One Good Sentence A Day

Amidst my frustrations, I happened to catch an NPR bit about some established writer (don’t ask me his name because I can’t even remember where I put my keys yesterday). The gist of his wisdom during the 15 minute interview boiled down to, “it’s okay to write just one good sentence a day”. Progress, any progress, counts. It’s really good advice when I remember to heed it.

I Should Remember

Writing frustrates me. I want to write War & Peace and Les Miserables in one sitting only to end up with a paragraph, or even just a sentence.  But, on those rare occasions when I experience flashes of realistic expectations I remember how important that one good sentence is. I remember that it counts as progress, and I’m a little less frustrated. A little. Since this post counts as more than one sentence, I’m gonna throw my cape back on and go fix something.