Questions and Answers about Entriss Online

Some information about LitRPG, GameLit and Entriss Online.

Questions and Answers about Entriss Online
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Entriss Online has been out since January 5th and the reception has been exciting. Maybe even jaw dropping. This is the best release I’ve had on Amazon. “Entriss Online” has remained at a solid rank in multiple genres, some readers new to my books are posting positive reviews, and I’ve also started work on the second Watson’s Worlds book.

Based on early reviews and private messages, readers who have been with me for years are enjoying “Entriss Online” more than the LitRPG crowd. Some of you have been wary and I’ve received quite a few questions. I’m going to do my best to answer them.

Questions and Answers

Is “Entriss Online” a video game?

No – “Entriss Online” is definitely a novel. I have marketed, or maybe even over-marketed, the gaming aspects for fun – but you don’t have to play video games to enjoy it.

How is it fantasy and sci-fi?

The story takes place in the near future. Ian Gregg is a lead developer for Entriss Online, a popular MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It’s similar to games like World of Warcraft, except this one is more immersive because you play with a virtual reality headset. Ian also plays the game, and that’s where the fantasy adventure takes place. When he logs into Entriss, it’s like visiting another world.

Why do you call it GameLit and LitRPG?

GameLit is an umbrella term for any story that takes place in a game world, like “Ready Player One” and “Jumanji.” When the heroes enter that world, they are bound by rules based on a video game.

LitRPG, short for Literary Role Playing Game, is a subgenre of GameLit. The rules mentioned above are measured by numbers and stats. Some LitRPG books, like “Entriss Online,” are light – meaning they aren’t stat heavy. Others are crunchy, as in “number crunching,” and rely heavily on stats.

Why did you write a LitRPG novel?

LitRPG is a lot of fun! Not only do you get a fantasy or sci-fi adventure, you get the excitement of playing a game.

Do I have to play video games to enjoy “Entriss Online”?

Nope. The gaming terms I use are all explained, and the book is light on stats. It’s a great way to test the LitRPG waters. A number of my readers are not gamers and have enjoyed the book.

You won’t want to put it down!

If you’ve enjoyed my other books, you’ll love “Entriss Online”! I’ve been referring to it as my VR fantasy, near future sci-fi, pop culture romance, 80s action movie that’s also LitRPG. There’s a lot going on, but it really does work.

Thanks for the great questions and feel free to ask more in the comments below!

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