Cons and Costumes

I wanted to do more than bring a stack of books. That meant if I was attending cons we needed costumes!

Cons and Costumes

Shortly after publishing my first fantasy novel, Angst I began looking for some way to promote it other than Twitter. I really wanted to meet people who loved fantasy and science fiction as much as I do. My goal wasn’t just to find customers, I wanted to actually connect with people and make new friends. The answer was ConQuesT, a long running and well respected Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Kansas City. They had dealer tables available, but I hadn’t been to a con since high school and didn’t have a clue what to expect. There would be other indie writers, which meant I could get lost in the crowd. I wanted to do more than bring a stack of books. That meant if I was attending cons we needed costumes!


I came across a picture of Mandy in her Red Sonja costume from Comicon, and shared it with my friend Allie. Allie has been very supportive of my writing and was excited about going to cons and wearing a costume, especially if it covered a bit more.

Mandy cosplay as Red Sonja

Pop Tab Armor

Using pop can tab technology I crafted my first creation, a “chain mail” skirt and top. While the skirt wasn’t comfortable, and impossible to sit in, it was light, shiny, and looked great. (As did she!) Everyone loved the whole package, Allie in her costume, her personality, and we gave away a poster of her in the costume with every purchase. I sold books, made friends, and haven’t stopped going to cons yet!

Allie in Tab armor


After a year of cons Allie retired (hey, it’s a lot of work being famous!) Fortunately I was saved from going to cons alone by my dear friend Cristi. Cristi is on my alpha team for critiquing the book and knows all about Angst, and Buried in Angst. She’s also gorgeous, and fun! So I got to work on a second costume last year that utilized aluminum scales. It was a great year, we went to even more conventions, sold a lot of books, and had an awesome time. I’m excited that Cristi has agreed to come back to cons with me again in 2014!

Cristi in Scalemail

Pop Tab Costume 2.0

I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I made her wear the same old costume without anything cool to change into! So in December I started my new project. Pop can tab armor is time consuming, but easy to work with, they look great, and I had learned a lot from Allie’s original costume. Creating the costume is a labor of love. I’ve had no formal training in sewing, tailoring, or any related skill, just ideas, patience, and a very helpful wife.

Cristi in tab armor

A New Poster For Cons

After a month and a half of late nights and pin pricked thumbs, I finally finished a new chain mail costume for Cristi. Let me tell you that Cristi didn’t exactly have the easy job. Not only was she incredibly patient with me and my constant requests to try on the costume as I was making it, she’s also been working out every week to look as amazing as she does. Cristi’s boyfriend, Brandon, put her on a weight lifting program that has even looking even better than last year. My thanks to them both.

New Cristi poster for cons

Costumes and Cons

The end result is awesome, and fun! Cristi will be appearing in costume at more cons with me. Both last year’s poster, and the new poster below, will be available with every book purchase made at conventions.