Believe In Your Story - New YouTube Series

I'm shooting a new YouTube series to inspire writers!

Believe In Your Story - New YouTube Series

When I was in High School, back in the early 90s, I made a fun, goofy movie preview for LEGO The Movie. It seemed like a ludicrous concept which made it perfect for me. (Apparently I was before my time.) I loved the idea of making movies, who doesn’t. I took a film class and had a video production job in college, thinking that would set me on the path.

A Star Wars Story

My dad’s best friend, Roy, had a son in the movie industry. I sent him a letter asking for a job and it didn’t work out. Shortly after I graduated, Roy’s son went on to produce The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I moved on, got married, had kids, and eventually wrote books – my first passion. (I have no regrets.) Years later, Rick McCallum was a Producer for Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III. (While he’s gotten some grief for those films, I’ve met Rick since then, and he seems to be a great guy.)

Title: “DSC_3766” Creator: “Steven Lam” Source: “DSC_3766” License: “CC BY-NC-ND 2.0”

Testing the Waters

Almost 30 years later, I was on YouTube seeking ideas on how to remodel my home office. When I finished rebuilding my Batcave, I had enough footage to make my own video. The footage was unplanned and rough, my narration is stiff and uncomfortable like I’m back in Middle School asking my crush to a dance (by the way, she said no) – but, I had fun. (Making the video, the dance… not so much.)

Meet Marvel the Corgi

I went on to make a video about my corgi, Marvel, because she’s extra and I’ve probably taken more pictures and videos of her than my kids. My delivery is still stiff, but this time like a drink with more gin than tonic.

My Mantra

It took an effort to put myself out there. It always does. I create out of passion, and share to entertain, but that exposes me to the masses who both love and hate and are quick to judge. I do it because I believe in my story.

That’s been my mantra since I started writing. It’s been like a rollercoaster with too many dips, but anytime I’d ask myself, “What the hell am I doing?” the mantra was there. Believe in your story.

Believe In Your Story

This is where it comes full circle. I may not be able to make Star Wars blockbusters, but I can make YouTube videos. (Same thing, right?) Most YouTube channels are laser-focused on topics like technology or organization. My life is more like The Muppet Show, it’s filled with variety and there’s always a lot going on.

In addition to fun videos about cons, corgis, and office furniture, I’m starting a new series called Believe In Your Story. Each video will include tips, stories, and inspiration to help other writers.

Now Showing On YouTube

You can watch the first video now: How To Finish Writing Your Book | 5 Tips To Complete Your First Draft. Be sure to watch all the way through for a fun “post-credits-scene” at the end. Please also like the video so YouTube knows to share it with others and subscribe for more.

I’d love to know what you think in the comments below, or on my YouTube channel!