Audiobook for Clod Makes A Friend

Clod Makes A Friend is available now on audiobook

Audiobook for Clod Makes A Friend
Clod Makes A Friend Audiobook

Audiobook available now

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My First Audiobook!

I’ll write a post about my experience producing an audiobook in the future, but for now, here’s the short version. After receiving 18 auditions in four days, I selected voice actor Wayne Farrell. According to ACX, “Wayne Farrell is an internationally-acclaimed audiobook narrator. Recent projects include Booker Prize nominated and Guardian First Book Award winning novel ‘The Spinning Heart’ by Donal Ryan, ‘Black December’ by Scott Hunter and the James Bond author chronicles ‘The Ian Fleming Files’ by Damian Stevenson.”

Not only is Wayne the real deal, he’s a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He also sounds amazing. I’m not just saying that because it’s my book. I’ve listened to loads of audiobooks over the years, and he is amongst the best. Mr. Farrell has really brought “Clod Makes A Friend” to life! He does an amazing job of portraying each character with a unique voice, but beyond that the man can act. You can really feel what the characters are going through. He made a movie for me without using film. In my opinion, it’s that good.

Testing the Waters

As a writer, there have been some key moments that I’ll always remember as being special. Finishing my first fantasy novel, Angst. Receiving the first print copy of any novel I’ve written. That first 5 star review from someone other than my mom. Readers who come up to me at cons and tell me how much they enjoy my work. That handwritten letter I got in the mail, something almost unheard of in this day and age. Today, I’ve experienced another milestone.

Readers have asked for years when the audiobook for Angst is coming out. I put it off as a project I wanted to do myself. I considered hiring it out, but it’s not a cheap ride (probably close to $4,000 for an experienced voice actor). There have been a lot of reasons to wait.

Something Special

The early reactions for “Clod Makes A Friend” have made me feel like it’s something special. Adults who have been wary to read it, are loving it. (Check out the Goodreads reviews here.) Critical Blast wrote an incredible review, calling it a classic. A school in Kansas City recently purchased copies for their entire 5th grade class. My mom says it’s a book everyone should read. (My mom rocks!) With all of this in mind, I believe it was the right decision to dip my toe into the audiobook waters with this story.