Angst 2nd Edition Release Announcement

Check out the 2nd edition of Angst with a new cover!

Angst 2nd Edition Release Announcement

After 5 years, I’ve decided to go back and re-release my first fantasy novel, “Angst”. Like many artists, I really felt that the book needed to be what I originally envisioned. I’ve revised the story to make sure the plot threads lined up more neatly, changed several character names, added cgi special effects of never before seen creatures and converted it to 3D.

Angst 1st Edition

Okay, hopefully that gave you a chuckle, starting at the point where I refer to myself as an artist. That said, I did make some minor changes. My wife edited the first edition of “Angst” and did an amazing job, twice. She’s a professional writer of four published books and numerous magazine articles. Angie worked hard to clean up my messes. I’ve only ever received one complaint about grammar, and that was from an editor looking for business. (Something about dangling modified something or others…hey, stop it, I’m an artist!)

First Edition cover of Angst

Cool Project - Busy Wife

When I completed my second novel, “Buried in Angst” Angie was working on ”The Star Trek Craft Book” and didn’t have time to spare for editing. Buried took me too long to write; I was getting asked weekly about the sequel and didn’t want to lose more of my audience by making them wait longer while Angie edited, so I hired Danielle Fine. What a great decision. Writers and editors look at things very differently, and something about not being my wife made Dani a little less forgiving of my grammar. She also didn’t fill in blanks in the story where my wife might leap to conclusions because she knows me.

New Buried in Angst Cover

My New Editor Tackles Angst

With this in mind, I wanted grammar and punctuation in “Angst” to be consistent with my other novels. Dani not only did a fine job of straightening that out, but she also made several developmental recommendations as well. I’ve learned a lot about writing in five years, and after giving “Angst” a full read through with her advice, I did flesh out a few paragraphs and cleaned up some dialogue. Again, no story changes.

Angst 2nd Edition

I was incredibly wary about making any changes to “Angst.” Some have told me that my writing has improved, I know it has definitely changed, but there is something about the rawness of what I wrote that I really like. For my longtime readers, please don’t fret. There are no story changes at all, and unfortunately no cgi or 3D, but “Angst” should read a little cleaner now. At the least, if you haven’t read “Angst” since it came out, and take the time to reread the updated version, you’ll probably say, “This is even better than I remember.” Ha!

New Angst Cover Trade Paperback

And A New Cover!

Of course, that’s not the only change made with this revised edition. In my ignorance, I never acquired a signed contract for the old cover, and it’s too late to go back and request one. I did like the cover for “Angst,” but the artist politely declined working on future book covers. Also, I love the cover for “Drowning in Angst” so much I wanted that artist to create art for my other books. So for legal reasons, consistency, and some amazing art, “Angst” has shiny new cover!

As I’m close to wrapping up the fourth novel, “Burning with Angst,” and slowly rounding the bend on this five-book series, I thought this was a fitting way to celebrate five years of Angst. I hope you enjoy it!

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