Stay Home & Read

Encouraging people to stay home and read during the COVID lockdowns.

Stay Home & Read

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has me feeling a little helpless. As a knight in shining armor, cape at the ready superhero wannabe, this bug has left me staring in shock and awe. There are no dragons to slay, maidens to save, or maidens to save me. We’re on lockdown, which gave me an idea. We should Stay Home & Read.

After you’ve stocked up on toilet paper, watched The Mandalorian for the 17th time, and have run out of Mashable and Chive content, dive into your favorite book. You’re not stuck at home when you can travel to other galaxies, experience the mind of a serial killer, relive history, kill a few monsters, or find the romance you’ve been longing for.

To support this, all of my ebooks will be free or discounted for the maximum length of time allowed by the Kindle Unlimited program. Angst is free right now, and the other Angst ebooks will go on sale tomorrow for .99ea.

While I have no control over my audiobook prices, they are all Whispersync ready. That means if you own the ebook, you can purchase the audiobook at a deep discount. (I believe $7.49 each.)


Buried in Angst

Clod Makes A Friend

I’d like to encourage other authors and publishers to discount their books and share the message with their readers to Stay Home & Read. Let’s support social distancing until COVID-19 passes. I’ll gladly retweet any promotion I stumble across using the #StayHomeAndRead or #SHAR hashtags. If I miss yours, please message me so I can let everyone know!

I’d also like to request that Amazon temporarily extend the length of time we can promote our books through KindleUnlimited. It’s good for readers, it’s good for authors, and it’s good for Amazon.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Home & Read!